Backed by many years of experience, «Rittmann» offers you a wide range of transporting and logistics solutions from a single source. Aiming to maintain long-term cooperation with our customers and partners, we do our best to create win-win situations and take part in our customers’ business success


The company has developed many freight routes so that transportaion of Your cargo to it’s destination:
  • carried out within shortest time frame possible
  • offer highest econimic benefits
  • yield maximum benefits to You


We offer vast amount of various trusted transporting routes at Your disposal. If we do not yet have a route that suites You best – our experts will plot routes that fit Your requirements as much as possible.


We provide

  • means of transportation perfectly for your cargo as well as shortest delivery time frames;
  • maximum consistency of transporting and storing processes;
  • operative updates on cargo during transit;

We perform

  • transportation of standard sized cargo;
  • delivery of non-standard and/or oversized cargo, also transportation of ADR goods;
  • assembling and transporting of intermodal and multimodal cargo
  • import-export of cargo to Ukraine, Europe, Asia and any other part of the World.


  • Your time
  • Your money
  • Your human resources

Why «Rittmann»?

  • Effective transportation

    We aim to make transportation processes well organized, spending minimum of your resources and provide clear services.

  • Individual approach

    Providing our services we always consider wishes and requirements of our long standing clients. Also we study new clients extensively to meet all their needs.

  • Companionship and Support

    We invite any company that's doing their first steps towards export-import market. Despite Ukraine being a member of World Trading Organization, subtle differences and peculiarities in customs regulations still can create a lot of complications for newbies. «Rittmann» is ready and willing to help You with your legal challenges passing through customs.


Forwarding services by «Rittmann» offer solutions for both cargo consigners and consiginees, that include: