With many years of experience, Rittmann-Kiev offers you a wide range of transport and logistics solutions from a single source. Our highly qualified team will find the perfect solution for all your logistics requirements. Aiming to maintain long-term cooperation with our customers and partners, we create win-win situations and take part in our customers’ business success.

The company has developed many freight routes on which freight from source to destination is carried out:

  • as soon as possible,
  • with the greatest economic benefit,
  • the maximum benefit for the client.


If we do not have the most suitable route for you, our experts will develope and present you several options, also reccomending the most appropriate one. They will be helped not only by their experirnce and high qualification, but as well wich the most modern computer equipment, which provides:

  • planning optimal routes and loading vehicles;
  • effective control of drivers and dysponentiv


If you need to ensure absolute security and safety of cargo, thus reducing the risk of force majeure on the road, you should use the services of the freight forwarder. Of course, you can do without it,but in case of any troubles on the road you will need a professional, able to take all necessary measures. These are highly qualified specialists working in our company.

Forwarding service from "Rittmann" it is a work package given as the shipper and consignee, by:

cargo insurance

receiving and issuing goods

providing storage and handling services

selection of optimal capacity for vehicles

support of cargoes on all transit traffic

control of the cargo

customs clearance of goods (import, export)

providing transportation information

advisory and other support services


We provide

  • selection of species and the type of vehicle that suits best the nature and volume of cargo that is transported and delivery times;
  • maximum consistency during transport and storage (thanks to modern cargo storage facilities);
  • operative informing customers about shipments that are in the process of transportation.


  • transportation standard sizes;
  • delivery of non-standard and oversize cargo;
  • transportation of dangerous goods;
  • acquisition and delivery of modular cargoes;
  • import clearance in Europe.


  • time,
  • intellectual potential of your team,
  • money.

Benefits of working with Rittmann-Kiev

Reliable service and high quality

The company strives for reliable service and high quality on all levels. We offer absolute transparency in all our services. With an individual service, we offer customized solutions for all your logistics challenges.

Optimal planning and preparation

Optimal planning and preparation are the main tasks in international transports. We take care of your shipment’s customs clearance and documentation.

We support companies

We support companies in all questions concerning market entry into Ukraine. Despite the fact that Ukraine formally joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), numerous special conditions and rules need to be considered.

We propose to use the services of an experienced companies.