Customs Services


Although economic regions are increasingly converging, a large number of regulations has to be taken into account. With our substantial experience & know-how, Rittmann offers you a wide range of customs services and take care of all your customs clearance formalities.

Your advantages:

Fast and correct customs clearance

We understand and support your desire to expedite customs clearance and ready to help your cargo to pass customs throughout Europe and Asia as fast as possible, meeting every requirement and regulation it needs.

High qualification of our employees

Highly qualified employees, backed by years of experience and specilized software solutions let us prepare all needed documents and permits, so your cargo clears customs of any coutnry in Eurasia without a hitch.

We can provide you:

  • Import, export and transit clearance
  • Temporary import
  • Calculation of customs duties and clearance fees
  • Preparation of customs declarations, certificates and permits
  • Consultations on the customs legislation of Ukraine
  • Customs clearance of exhibition items
  • Customs-brokerage services

Customs Services

Rittman possesses all required licenses and permits to carry out all transport and logistics-related services and can be authorized to accomplish all customs clearance formalities for your. Our highly qualified employees are looking forward to answering all your customs related questions. If you would like to learn more about our customs services or get consultations on documentation need for custmos clearing, please contact us by phone or email.

You have questions? Please, contact us - we are always happy to help you!