Our Services

Our Services

You want your cargo to be transported cheap, fast and at reasonable price, meeting all your requirements? «Rittmann» enterprise is at your service! We offer wide range of logistics and cargo forwarding services, and ready to transport your cargo anywhere in the World.

Cargo forwarding services

«Rittmann» offers cargo forwarding services, primarily across Ukraine as well as Europe and Asia, but also we can device new routes at your request.


We transport various cargos with trucks, by air, rail or by sea, devicing most effective routse and means of transportation that maks deliveries to practically any corner of the World possible.

Cargo consolidation

«Rittmann» enterprise provides cargo consolidation services - uniting a number of cargos from different clients to be moved in one transport. This practice simplifies document execution process and lets you save additional financial resources on every shipment.

Customs clearance of goods

«Rittmann» enterprise, provides fast customs clearance of goods and means of transportation, without having to store them at cutoms or comerce warehouses.

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